The NFPA-APSEI Training & Seminar 2008, organized by APSEI in association with NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), will take place at the Taguspark Congress Center, in Oeiras – Lisbon, on the 5th and 6th of November of 2008. The main concern of this event will be the training and sharing of technical knowledge, having the NFPA rules and regulations as a reference.

Seminars, Training Courses and Exhibition
This will be a dynamic event with several intensive training courses given by foreign NFPA experts; small conferences dedicated to some of the most relevant issues related with Safety and Security in buildings; and an exhibition area for Safety and Security companies, allowing the visitors to have a direct contact with products, services and security systems.

Following the I NFPA Conference that happened in 2006, this will be an initiative that will try to enrich, both professionally and technically, the Portuguese Security and Safety sector, by:

• Providing technical training on a wide range of themes inherent to the Safety and Security activity
• Promoting the most recent knowledge and the best practices in an area of constant technological evolution
• Rendering solutions of project, installation and maintenance systems of Fire Safety and Security solutions
• Increasing the awareness towards a culture of Prevention and Fire Protection
• Creating a space for the exhibition of products and equipments, which will include the most recent and innovative technological solutions

We intend to congregate in the same space professionals and entities with activities related to Safety and Security, mainly the following:

• design and conception
• construction and building inspection
• security equipments – manufacturing, sales and distribution, installation and maintenance
• security consulting
• building owners
• insurance and risk analysis
• enforcement authorities

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Organizing Committe and Secretariat

The Portuguese Electronic Security and Fire Protection Association is the institutional interlocutor of the Electronic Security and Fire Protection companies in Portugal. With 200 members, APSEI maintains a permanent dialog with the authorities, public institutions and has an important role in promoting a preventive culture and the usage of security systems in buildings, with the purpose of preventing and minimizing the consequences of fires, intrusions and other actions that may harm lives and patrimony.